French Immersion schools Toronto

July 12, 2022
The first French immersion

You will find several advantages to enrolling your son or daughter in French immersion. Beyond making your son or daughter a lively citizen of Canada by speaking both official languages, becoming fluent inside a second language enhances British language abilities in addition to mental agility and inventive thinking.

Quite simply, learning French makes children better at science and math too. Exactly the same regions of the mind that permit children to change backwards and forwards between two different languages also improves abstract thought, mental manipulation, and recognition of visual designs. Learning another language also encourages alternative sights and inventive problem fixing.

French Immersion versus Core French

Immersion programmes produce better French loudspeakers than other French options. The instruction is much more intensive and kids gain language abilities faster to review other subjects in French. With languages, the sooner the greater. Early immersion programmes see far better results than middle or late immersion. Children’s language acquisition brain activity peaks between your age range of two and 4. Most French immersion programmes come from SK (age 5) whenever a child’s capability to become familiar with a new language has decreased.

Giles School students come from a rigorous French immersion programme in the Pre-K level. Although nearly all children in the Giles School are not equipped from French speaking families, children achieve a remarkable degree of French fluency by Grade 1, and native-like pronunciation by Grade 3, without bilingual parents.

Will French Immersion Place Your Child Behind In British?

The alternative holds true. Research has shown that whilst in the early grades, the written British language abilities of French immersion students are behind those of unilingual British students, the lag vanishes through the finish of Grade 2. By Grade 5, French immersion students outshine British-only students in certain facets of British language abilities. By grade 6, immersion students clearly outshine British-only students in most skill areas.

Homework Help

Many new Giles School parents are anxious about giving children assist with their homework when they, themselves, don't speak French.

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