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January 30, 2016
Trinity College, University of

LSAP graduate A: “What I loved most concerning the program was the positive space it provided for people to talk about our encounters/ advice through the LSAT and School process. This positive space was caused with the welcoming classes from the Faculty of Law and also the candid contact with people from the Faculty of Law administration.

I believe the extra assets which were presented to us truly result in the program unique and amazing. I'm able to certainly acknowledge that lots of these extra assets have provided us a extensive understanding of the items my journey will entail.”

LSAP graduate B: “What I loved most concerning the prep program was its initiative to create together students of comparable skills who've been in the past disadvantaged when it comes to greater education. This Program uncovered us towards the culture of school and solicitors in ways that lots of us possibly might have never become an opportunity to experience.

Things I believe to become a major deterrent step to low-earnings students’ attending school is the insufficient understanding of the whole process. However, the prep program gave us this insight by presenting us to all the process - in the school application to ending up in established lawyers.”

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Rutherford Private School Student got accepted into UofT
Rutherford Private School Student got accepted into UofT ...
Peter Mansbridge giving speech @ UofT Med School Grad Part 3
Peter Mansbridge giving speech @ UofT Med School Grad Part 3
ANT 306 Field School UofT.mp4
ANT 306 Field School UofT.mp4
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