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August 22, 2022
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There's a great chance like a Finance and Accounting Manager within the Education sector for an organization within the UAE. They're searching for somebody that'll be a Finance and Accounting manager for just one of the schools by having an chance to develop right into a more senior role, which may include being careful of several schools. They should be Arabic speaking and become CPA qualified or equivalent.

- CPA or equivalent

- Arabic Speaking

- Ideally Female

- Ideally experience of the training sector

Florence finance and accounting is really a specialist unit, concentrating on supplying the very best finance and accounting candidates in the global scene towards the Middle East region.

Florence Talking to is really a boutique search working as a consultant devoted to presenting senior candidates within Finance and Accounting, Internal Audit and Human Assets.

Our Worldwide arm is mind quartered in Dubai where we recruit over the Middle East having a particular concentrate on the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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