Teacher Education program Toronto

October 27, 2022
What is “initial teacher

AS Canada's pre-eminent faculty of your practice OISE likes a recognised worldwide status in most three regions of its mandate – teacher education, graduate studies, and research in education.

Initial Teacher Education is a central a part of education in the College of Toronto because the implementation of the quality of Pedagogy in 1894 and also the establishment from the Faculty of your practice in 1907. OISE in the current form dates in the 1996 merger from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) and also the Faculty of your practice from the College of Toronto (FEUT).

Because the merger, ITE has ongoing to deepen and broaden. In 2003, OISE offered the Consecutive Bachelor of your practiceOrDiploma or degree in Technological Education, Master of Arts in Child Study and Education, and online resources Teaching in Elementary Teaching programs. In the last six years, OISE has released the College of Toronto Concurrent Teacher Education program and Master training in Secondary Education.

  1. The Bachelor of your practiceOrDiploma or degree in Technological Education Program (Consecutive Mattress) is really a one-year second-entry (consecutive) undergraduate program offered utilizing a matrix model that pulls on contributions all four departments.
  2. The College of Toronto Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP) is really a five-year undergraduate degree offered since 2007-2008 via a partnership with seven U of T divisions.
  3. Online resources Arts in Child Study and Education (MA-CSE) is really a two-year graduate degree offered with the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development (APHD).
  4. Online resources Teaching (MT) is really a two-year graduate degree offered with the Department of Curriculum, Learning and teaching (CTL).

Each program path is organizationally innovative, with a lot of the delivery in cohorts, reflecting professional learning towns. ITE is strongly dedicated to the of equity and social justice for those teacher candidates and also the schools by which we work. We take advantage of relevant research created in your area, across the country and worldwide to tell the look and delivery in our programs. Both master’s level programs, during the period of 2 yrs, include additional research components that prepare teacher candidates to attempt leadership inside their profession and deepen links between research and exercise.

All programs happen to be made to reflect not just OISE's and also the University's institutional focal points and values, but the Ontario College of Teachers' regulating Standards of Practice for that Teaching Profession and also the Ethical Standards for that Teaching Profession, 2008. Seven shared concepts, informed by research on guidelines in teacher education, underpin all program paths:

• Teaching excellence

• Equity, diversity and social justice

• Research-informed

• Cohort-based learning towns

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