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January 31, 2015
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Message in the Ongoing Medical Education Program Director
Dr. Peter Slinger

Peter D. Slinger Ongoing Medical Education and Professional Development (CME/PD) within the Department of Anesthesia in the College of Toronto (UofT) is supervised through the CME/PD Committee. This committee includes people in the seven major teaching hospitals (Toronto General, Toronto Western. Mount Sinai, Women's College, Hospital for Sick Children, St. Michael's and Sunnybrook HSC). Additionally, the committee includes reps from two community hospitals (North You are able to General and Toronto East General) and company directors of some of the CME courses and programs. The mandate from the CME/PD Committee would be to promote CME/PD both inside the UofT as well as in the anesthesia community.

The UofT Department of Anesthesia presently sponsors 12 annual and biannual accredited CME courses. Included in this are two annual wide-based review programs, the Toronto anesthesia practice meeting within the fall and also the Toronto Anesthesia Symposium early in the year. These are made to give a focused update to fellowship and general practice physicians both in academic and community based configurations. These classes are composed of a number of lectures, training courses and problem based learning discussions.

You will find also a number of recurring subspecialty anesthesia courses. Included in this are subjects for example regional anesthesia and discomfort medicine, obstetric anesthesia, child anesthesia, critical care medicine and transesophageal echocardiography. Additionally, every year you will find new courses devoted to some specific subject. Recently these subjects have incorporated hyperbaric medicine, interventional management of spine discomfort, and ultrasound led nerve blocks. Dates and phone information of these programs are available underneath the Occasions Calendar on the website.

The Anesthesia CME/PD Committee also accounts for professional development inside the UofT anesthesia faculty. This really is presently a place of expansion for that committee. There's a yearly program dedicated to faculty development that is supervised by Dr. Patricia Houston.

The CME/PD Committee presently sponsors two online web-based learning programs:

1) CME Online Anesthesia Models

    Please be aware: The Pre and Publish Tests that will eventually participate each one of the CME Courses is presently not suitable for Apple Items because the software uses Adobe Expensive. We're wishing to rectify this soon.

    The program continues to be produced by Dr. Sharon Davies (MSH). Her work received the 2008 UofT Fred Fallis Award in CME with this work. These modules happen to be accredited through the College of Toronto for MainCert Category I credits and could be utilized with the links above.

    2) Web-based Bronchoscopy Simulator

    The thoracic anesthesia number of the Toronto General Hospital has produced a web-based bronchoscopy simulator to enhance anesthesiologist’s abilities in supplying lung isolation for thoracic anesthesia by learning bronchial anatomy. The simulator works with real-time video and also the user navigates with the tracheo-bronchial tree with clicks around the lighted directional arrows.

    Just before while using simulator the consumer is needed to consider a 16 question bronchoscopy pre-quiz. After using the quiz the consumer has limitless accessibility simulator. After while using simulator the consumer is requested to consider a bronchoscopy publish-quiz, following that the user is offered the right solutions and may anonymously compare their leads to individuals of other people who took the quiz.

    This simulator was granted first prize within the Scientific Exhibit competition in the New You are able to Condition Society of Anesthesiologists Postgraduate Set up in 2007. The simulator and quiz could be utilized online and it has been approved for just two.5 Category I credits through the College of Toronto.

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