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July 23, 2021
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The Discipline of Child Dentistry accounts for the main curriculum, didactic and clinical child dentistry instruction within the undergraduate dental curriculum, including dental hygiene for persons with special needs and elective rotations to Moose Factory Ontario to supply needed choose to First Nations children. The Discipline can also be accountable for the Niche Advanced Education enter in Child Dentistry and also the Dental Assessment and Training Course for foreign trained child dental practitioners. Faculty are positively associated with provincial, federal and national organizations that represent Child Dentistry and Dental Hygiene for Persons with Special Needs.

Clinical Research

The Graduate Enter in Child Dentistry is involved with both clinical and fundamental science research underneath the direction from the academic staff in Child Dentistry in the Faculty of Dentistry and also the Hospital for Sick Children. The present subject fields which are underactive analysis are: Early infant dental health promotion and prevention methods, dental traumatology including prevention, biomaterials, primary tooth pulp therapy, caries recognition and diagnosis with technology, dental hygiene for patients with special needs, advances in clinical child dentistry, relationship between dental inflammation and preterm birth and occasional birthweight, and growth and development of the occlusion. All graduated pupils in Child Dentistry are positively involved with research. The Graduate Enter in Child Dentistry comes with an excellent status for the standard and volume of research activity.

MSc Graduate Niche Enter in Child Dentistry

The School of Dentistry in the College of Toronto has got the earliest fully accredited advanced educational graduate enter in Child Dentistry in Canada, established in 1960. This can be a three-year comprehensive program leading as far as of Master of Science together with the college of Graduate Studies in the College of Toronto. This program includes advanced clinical niche training in most facets of child dentistry along with a mandatory research program.

This program provides the unique mixture of a college and Hospital based enter in Child Dentistry. This program is associated with A Healthcare Facility for Sick Children, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab and also the Mount Sinai Hospital. Citizens are designated for clinical rotations to all the hospital sites in addition to an inner city public health dental clinic and also to the kids Clinic in the Faculty of Dentistry. Additionally to clinical rotations a lot of curricular time is allotted for workshops, lectures and research development through the 3 years. The main focus is definitely on resident education while supplying excellent patient care. Upon effective completing this program the citizens are qualified to accept National Dental Niche Examination in Child Dentistry provided by the Royal College of Dental practitioners of Canada, and also the American Board Examination in Child Dentistry.

This program includes advanced operative dentistry, hospital dentistry in ambulatory treatment centers and under general anesthesia, non-medicinal and medicinal behavior management, orthodontics, endo/trauma, emergency rotations, dentoalveolar surgery, and off-site rotations.

A Healthcare Facility for Sick Children is really a first class center for pediatric medicine therefore subjecting the graduate student in Child Dentistry to some huge variety of clinical material that wouldn't be observed in a more compact center. The insightful clinical material inside the College of Toronto and it is affiliated hospitals and treatment centers is first rate.

Faculty List

  • Andrews, Paul
  • Barrett, Edward J.
  • Casas, Michael J.
  • Chandra, Divya
  • Copp, Peter
  • Farkouh, David
  • Fratkin, Randi
  • Friedman, Clive
  • Haddad, Albert
  • Judd, Peter L.
  • Kenny, David
  • Kulkarni, Gajanan V.
  • Lee, Raymond
  • Mehdi, Bobak
  • Moncarz, Came
  • Nainar, S.M. Hashim
  • Revuelta, Regina
  • Rukavina, Julia
  • Saltzman, Brett
  • Sectakof, Pavel
  • Sigal, Michael J.
  • Cruz, Sheila
  • Weinstein, Michael
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