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October 25, 2022
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The Kid Study and Education (CSE) program provides a two-year, non-thesis MA that qualifies graduates to train in elementary schools (Kindergarten to Grade 6) in Ontario. Our mixture of teacher education and graduate degree training is supposed to produce teacher-leaders who are able to apply research and theory in child study for their careers as teachers. The MA CSE program and our faculty are members of the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development in the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, College of Toronto.

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About Child Study and Our Philosophy

Child Study is definitely an orientation which includes broad child development ideas and techniques, together with understanding children through experience and direct observation. This mixture of perspectives and approaches includes abilities and attitudes helpful to both instructors and scientists. A fundamental premise in our MA Child Study and Education program is the fact that these abilities in methodically studying children and interesting in informed reflection serve both research and professional practice.

Our Location

The MA CSE program is located in historic McCarthy House at 45 Walmer Road within the Annex district of downtown Toronto around the College of Toronto's St. George campus, a couple of blocks from the primary OISE building (252 Bloor St. West).

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