Middle schools in Toronto

August 30, 2022

is really a private traditional elementary (nursery to Grade 5) and junior high school (Grade 6 to Grade 8) Jewish day school with two grounds in Toronto, Ontario, and something campus in Thornhill, Ontario. The 3 branches would be the Kamin Education Center (Wager Hayeled – Gr. 5) situated in Thornhill, The Posluns Education Center (Wager Hayeled – Gr. 5) situated in Toronto, and also the Hurwich Education Center (Danilack Junior High School) also situated in Toronto. Founded in 1907, it had been incorporated like a not-for-profit organization in 1922. Having a total enrollment of approximately 2Thousand students, it's the biggest elementary and junior high school for Jewish children in Toronto.


In 1907 The Simcoe Street Talmud Torah began as part of the Toronto Hebrew Religious School. In 1925 The Brunswick Avenue Talmud Torah. In 1929 Connected has their first graduation ceremony. In 1941 Connected opens a preschool referred to as Wager Hayeled. In 1943 they open their first day school grade 1 class. In 1910 they relabel the college to Connected Hebrew Schools of Toronto. In 1951 they've their first day school graduation. In 1952 they open the Neptune Branch of Connected. In 1972 the Hurwich Education Center Opens. In 1982 the Danilack Junior High School opens on Leslie. In 1995 Kamin Education Center opens. In 1998 the Neptune campus is reconstructed and named the Posluns Education Center. In 2003 the Hurwich Education Center will get reconstructed also it merges using the Danilack Junior High School. In 2007 Connected celebrated its centennial.

Hurwich Education Center[edit]

The Hurwich Education Center was initially built-in September 1971. It had been initially an Grade School. It's named after Nathan O. and Roey Hurwich. Later they refurbished and named within your building towards the Danilack Junior High School, named after Abba and Esther Danilack. Presently the school's principals are Brenda Stein Dzaldov and Rafi Kashman. The school's vice principals are Dafna Ross, Karen Sitnik, and Elizabeth Segal.

Kamin Education Center[edit]

The Kamin Education Center was built-in 1995. It's a Nursery as well as an Grade School. It's named after Jack and Bushie Kamin. Presently the main is Kathy Friedman. The vice principal is Linda Kitchler.

Posluns Education Center[edit]

The Posluns Education Center is really a Nursery and Grade School. It's named after Louis and Leah Posluns. Your building continues to be refurbished. The present principals are Ora Shulman and Elana Shapiro Davidson.

Connected Cedarvale[edit]

Connected introduced they're opening a nursary campus in Janet Sholom Synagogue for his or her Small Mench program. This campus will open for that school year of 2012-13.

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