Scarborough School Board

November 22, 2021
The Scarborough School Board

The Scarborough Board of your practice is composed of seven committee people chosen at-large to staggered three year terms. The Board also offers two student reps chosen through the student body.

Operating Protocol

With regards to improving working together among people from the Board and between your
School Board and also the Leadership Council, we, the people from the Scarborough School
Board, do hereby openly commit ourselves with each other and individually towards the following
operating protocol:
  1. Children's interests come first. The Board will represent the requirements and interests of each and every child within our district. We'll stay flexible, try to meet the requirements of each and every student, advocate for sufficient and appropriate assets, and turn into prepared to examine the way we might do our responsibility better.
  2. We'll try to keep both Superintendent and fellow Board people fully conscious of current issues and concerns. Surprises towards the Board or even the Superintendent from either individual Board people, the Superintendent, or Leadership Council would be the exception, not the rule. Tthere shouldn't be surprises in a Board meeting. We accept request the Board Chair or even the Superintendent to put a product around the agenda rather than getting up suddenly in the meeting.
  3. Communication between staff and also the Board is urged. However, individual Board member demands which will likely require lots of time and have political implications should be forwarded to the Superintendent. All personnel complaints and criticisms received through the Board or its individual people is going to be forwarded to the Superintendent.
  4. Stick to the chain of command. The final stop, not the very first, would be the Board. We accept stick to the chain of command and demand that others achieve this. As the Board is raring to hear its ingredients and staff, each inquiry to individual people from the Board will be known to the one who can correctly and expeditiously address the problem, in order to the Superintendent.
  5. Practice the governance role. The Board will stress planning, policy-making, and communication instead of becoming active in the control over the colleges.
  6. Yearly conduct a self-assessment/evaluation. The Board will assess its usefulness by yearly self-evaluation (just before June 15th of every year) by addressing itself to the improvement possibilities recognized.
  7. Clearly mentioned goals. The Board sets obvious goals on their own and also the Superintendent. The Board and Superintendent sets obvious goals for that Scarborough School Department.
  8. Utilize Boss input. The Superintendent may be the Ceo and really should make recommendations, plans or suggestions of all matters which come prior to the Board.
  9. Board functions as you body. Individual Board people don't have authority. Just the Board in general has authority. We agree that the individual Board member won't take unilateral action. The Board Chair will communicate the positioning(s) from the Board on questionable issues. When Board people serve on various school committees, their role will be based on the Board as quiet observer or active participant.
  10. Debate the problems, not each other. Conduct in a Board meeting is essential. We accept avoid words and actions that induce an adverse impression with an individual, the Board, or even the district. In the end encourage debate and varying perspectives, we is going to do it carefully and respect to prevent an escalation of negative impressions or occurrences.
  11. Avoid marathon Board conferences. To become effective and efficient, lengthy Board conferences ought to be prevented. Points should be produced in as couple of words as you possibly can speeches at Board conferences is going to be minimal. If your Board member thinks he/she does not have sufficient information or has questions, either the Superintendent or Board Chair will be approached for clarification as soon as possible and just before the meeting.
  12. Practice efficient decision-making. Board conferences are suitable for decision-making, action, and votes, not endless discussion. We accept slowly move the question when discussion is repetitive. Problems that require or result in in-depth discussion ought to be gone to live in a Workshop Session.
  13. Talk to agenda issues. The Board won't play towards the audience. We agree to speak with the problems around the agenda and deal with our fellow Board people. Board people will avoid asking them questions on products already addressed in prior conferences and accept review tapes/minutes/ talk to the Chair regarding conferences skipped in order to avoid repetitive questions. Details and knowledge needed in the Leadership Council is going to be known towards the Superintendent.
  14. Executive/closed periods is going to be held just for appropriate subjects. Executive periods is going to be held only if specific needs arise. Board people is going to be very responsive to the legal implications of the conferences and comments.
Board People
Term: 2016-18

Phone: (207) 883-3993

Term: 2016-2017

Phone: (207) 807-5175

Term: 2014-17

Phone: (207) 885-1288


Phone: (207) 505-1921


Phone: (207) 883-9610


Phone: (207) 883-2451

Term: 2014-16

Phone: (207) 883-1516

Emma Hartl

Student Representative

Type of 2016

Elizabeth Hobbs

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