School Boards of Ontario

August 14, 2016
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In Ontario, children and youth between your age range of 6 and 18 should be signed up for a proper education program. The province’s Education Act determines the framework for that delivery of your practice programs. It outlines the duties of key partners within the education process, in the provincial government, to college boards, to instructors in classes.

Provincial Government

The Secretary of state for Education provides leadership and sets the direction for education policy by:

  • setting provincial standards for student final results
  • marketing a secure, equitable, inclusive and sincere atmosphere that supports learning
  • developing and keeping an extensive and challenging province-wide curriculum
  • marketing accountability through the openly funded education system
  • marketing and supporting excellence in teaching and
  • supplying school boards with assets, including financial assets, and support for program implementation.

School Boards

You will find four kinds of district school boards in Ontario:

  • British public
  • British Catholic
  • French public
  • French Catholic

School boards really are a body of chosen trustees and have the effect of student achievement and well-being, for making certain effective stewardship from the board’s assets as well as for delivering effective and appropriate teaching programs for his or her students. The duties of the school board incorporate a key governance role in:

  • operating schools based on provincial legislation
  • getting an image statement that reflects the board’s philosophy and native needs and focal points
  • setting the board’s budget inside the provincial grants or loans and associated rules
  • applying curriculum based on ministry curriculum policy
  • developing and delivering other individuals that reflect provincial guidelines and native focal points
  • supplying for that employing of instructors along with other staff needed within their schools
  • maintaining school structures and property regarding student safety as well as in compliance with provincial legislation and
  • monitoring the guidelines from the schools and also the achievement of scholars and, with the director of your practice, holding the whole system responsible for meeting provincial and board standards.

Education Funding

Education funding for college boards is dependent upon the Secretary of state for Education. For particulars from the funding formula visit The fiscal year for college boards is September 1 to August 31. An economic plan, or budget, which reflects the requirements of students and college boards’ educational focal points is developed and approved, every year, through the Board. The operating plan, along with program planning, facilities planning and proper planning profit the Board in controlling its total assets.

Ontario school board considering a kilt ban
Ontario school board considering a kilt ban
School Board members Building a Better Ontario
School Board members Building a Better Ontario
School Board - CUPE Ontario
School Board - CUPE Ontario
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