Toronto Board of Education Continuing Education

October 7, 2022
Toronto Board of Trade

Lakeview School (LSS, Lakeview, formerly East Finish Senior High School) is really a former public and vocational senior high school run by the Toronto Board of your practice (later merged using the Toronto District School Board) from 1967 until 1989. Founde in 1967, the present building was built-in 1972. The Lakeview property, by The month of january 2015, remains presently possessed through the Toronto District School Board.


Formerly East Finish Senior High School, the college opened up its doorways in 1967 being an all boys school within the Coleman Avenue Public School property near 101 Barrington Avenue on the website of Secord Grade School. Initially, East Finish contained portables and it was because of the title "Portable City" because the school increased and shops were broadened.

The sod from the new school was completed June 1970 and also the building was built-in June 1972 at 45 Felstead Avenue around the former industrial property between Danforth and Greenwood. Simultaneously, East Finish Senior High School grew to become a co-erectile dysfunction school and re-named Lakeview School which opened up for classes in September 1972.

As Lakeview, the college transported a number of academics and tech abilities like a specialized senior high school in addition to four-year courses coupled with Business Services Programs. The women were accepted to Lakeview originated from Eastern Commerce Collegiate Institute.

In 1985 Trina McPherson, the coordinator from the PUSH Central Region, mentioned that Lakeview and five other schools were listed as getting "excellent" access for disabled persons through the Toronto Board of your practice ongoing education program.

Using the loss of low enrolment and funding of Catholic schools, Ned McKeown, director from the TBE, suggested that on The month of january 7, 1988 that Lakeview and West Park School be closed and provided to the Metropolitan Separate School Board (the Toronto Catholic District School Board) or MSSB. Lakeview held its last classes in June 1989 and also the MSSB reopened Lakeview as St. Patrick Catholic School (opened up in 1986, then swapped for that original facility at 70 D'Arcy St. (now Heydon Park School).) around the Lakeview building in September of this year. Initially, the TBE planned to retain Lakeview being an adult education center.

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