Faculties of Education in Ontario

September 2, 2022

The Bachelor of your practice degree from Queen’s is broadly recognized for teacher certification across Canada and round the world. Both our Concurrent and Consecutive Teaching programs are made to prepare candidates with this teacher certification.

The benefit of these Queen's programs is the fact that graduates are out in to the employment market twelve months sooner than at other ability of your practice. The 2nd factor that can make Queen's grads more marketable is they will all graduate having a concentration.


  • Concurrent Education: one program, two bachelor’s levels simultaneously. A 5-year + 1 summer time term program for school graduates. In a long time 1-4, students complete Education courses as well as in-school positions at the same time with courses within their four-year undergraduate degree. The whole fifth year of study is spent finishing the Bachelor of your practice in three successive terms, from September to August. Other ability of your practice offer their enter in six years, with typical winter and fall semesters.
  • Consecutive Education: another bachelor's degree. A four successive term program for college graduates, beginning in May and ending in August of the year after. Other ability of your practice will offer you their program over 2 yrs, with typical winter and fall semesters.


Levels can be found to both Primary-Junior and Intermediate-Senior teacher candidates (Concurrent Education students complete concentration courses within their final year). By mixing an emphasis course, an academic Studies course, and also the Alternative Practicum, teacher candidates can tailor their program for their interests and form a concentration in areas for example:

To perform a concentration in Aboriginal Teacher Education, Artist in Community Education, Outside &lifier Experiential Education or Technological Education, candidates are needed to use through OUAC/TEAS. To learn more, see each one of the program pages and just how to use.

The Director of Student and Support Services (Faculty Registrar) will state the Registrar from the Ontario College of Instructors whenever a teacher candidate has effectively completed this program. Graduation teacher candidates who intend to train in Ontario must formally register to get people from the College and become granted the Certificate of Qualification and Registration like a teacher.

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Source: educ.queensu.ca
[PDF Download] A Challenge for Higher Education in Ontario
[PDF Download] A Challenge for Higher Education in Ontario ...
UOIT Faculty of Criminology, Justice and Policy Studies
UOIT Faculty of Criminology, Justice and Policy Studies
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