French Emergent School Toronto

October 13, 2022
St. Anne French Immersion
Activity Fee Pre-K, half-day only $300
Activity Fee Pre-K (full day) to Grade 8 $500
Capital Maintenance Fee
Application/Re-registrant Deposit $2000
Enrolment Fee (one-time per student) $3, 800
Application Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of $2Thousand is due using the return of the application. For brand new registrants $1, 500 of the deposit will be relevant to the schooling costs upon payment from the first installment according to the chosen plan. For re-registrants the entire amount will be relevant to the schooling costs upon payment from the first installment according to the chosen plan.

Capital Maintenance Fee

Annual fee for those students.

Enrolment Fee

A 1-time Enrolment Fee payment of $3, 800 is relevant within the newbie of attendance in the Giles School.

Activity Costs

This fee sets up a free account for every child to be able to cover the price of products bought with the school and activities through the school year. You'll be given an itemized balance in the finish of every term. If the funds be inadequate to pay for expenses, additional funds is going to be required to replenish the game fee account. Any remaining balance is going to be returned for you in the finish from the school year. Within the situation of coming back students, it will likely be maintained for the following school year.

Products billed towards the account:
  • Agenda
  • Water Cooler rental for every class
  • Guitar rental, grade 4 and above
  • Child care throughout regular school days
  • Pizza orders (for Pizza Day monthly)
  • After school activities
  • Class outings
  • Gym uniforms with the school
  • School supplies
  • Book substitutes
  • At school training courses
  • Lice inspections
  • Technology fee
Products not incorporated:
  • Lunch programme
  • November and March break child care fee (requires separate registration)
  • Fundraiser programmes
  • Class pictures on picture day
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