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November 14, 2016
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If you've been educated outdoors of Canada, it will likely be vital that you have your academic qualifications recognized and understood by companies if you are searching for employment, or schools and colleges if you are thinking about returning to college.

World Education Services (WES) in Ontario, a not-for-profit organization that provides such credential equivalency services, presenting a simple and free initial step within the evaluation process. “The WES Free Degree Equivalency Tool has become on the internet for immigrants at ” states Sophia Low, manager, community engagement, WES.

So how exactly does this free tool work? Just connect particulars of the worldwide degree, such as the educational institution in which you attended, and also the free service provides you with an immediate equivalency.

As the answers are not official and you'll still have in all probability to accomplish a proper evaluation for a small fee, they function as a good indicator for just about any immigrant or potential immigrant who would like to understand how their worldwide education is going to be seen in Canada.

WES Credential Evaluation information session
WES Credential Evaluation information session
Who do I contact for credential evaluation in the
Who do I contact for credential evaluation in the ...
WES Credential Evaluation & Recognition
WES Credential Evaluation & Recognition
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