Wooden toys are the best

January 9, 2020

Even those people, who have grown up grandchildren, remember their toys. Something has been erased from memory, and pleasures of childhood are invisibly present nearby. Therefore, many parents try to make open-ended toys with their own hands, so that they differ in originality, develop creativity and bring joy. Parents choose wood as toys material most often to create fun for children. Past generations have left many interesting ideas to the masters, and now these ideas are increasingly being implemented, as industrial toys of dubious origin made of plastic and rubber are less attractive to parents. So why not try to make wooden toys for children with your own hands. Of course, this is a laborious task, but the result will be impressive: a happy child, pride in a talented father, a new original toy. You will need minimal skills to create children's fun – ability to handle woodworking tools and a small idea about species of wood. Imagination and desire to make a surprise will also help. Why has this folk skill recently been revived so actively? It is explained by the fact that wood is an environmentally friendly material, completely harmless, and items from it are obtained strong and attractive.

If parents decide to make more than one toy, it is better to buy tools of high-quality for their production. Before you start making wooden toys with your own hands, you need to stock up on the necessary amount of material, which includes not only wood, but also varnish, paint, glue. You should choose varnish that does not contain harmful substances and heavy metals for children's toys.The toy, first of all, must be safe, not to cause harm to the child. But if you do not want to waste your time or you are not a handyman, you can just buy imaginative play toys in every toyshop, they are quite cheap.

Photo by Woodencaterpillar.com

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