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January 10, 2020
Educational Credential

The Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada consists of credential assessment services from across Canada. Alliance people provide a number of clients โ€” for example companies, professional regulating physiques and academic institutions โ€” using the assistance they might require and the standard assurance they need in assessing the educational qualifications of prospective candidates.

Your assurance of excellence

People from the Alliance undergo an extensive self-evaluation process including overview of assessment methods, experience, file management, personnel qualifications, documentation techniques and reference material base. To be eligible for a Alliance membership, an exam service must show it matches the membership terms and established quality standards, also it must accept maintain individuals standards.

Alliance membership is the assurance of excellence. It informs you the academic credential assessment service you've maintained offers the very best, accurate and efficient way of evaluating worldwide academic qualifications. Alliance people are dedicated to maintaining the greatest degree of service.

WES Credential Evaluation information session
WES Credential Evaluation information session
Who do I contact for credential evaluation in the
Who do I contact for credential evaluation in the ...
WES Credential Evaluation & Recognition
WES Credential Evaluation & Recognition
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