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March 15, 2017
Continuing Education - Ontario

Consistent with the Mohawk College GoGreen initiative, start-up letters are no more mailed. It's your responsibility to login for your course(s) just before the refund deadline.

Click the link to see a PDF document about getting began together with your course. In case your course needs a text or module in the College's Campus Store, order or get it as quickly as possible. Make reference to the Textbook Ordering Information should you require more details.

The month of january Primary Intake

  1. This informative guide describes what's expected individuals and includes details about distributions, refunds, college methods and campus information.
  2. Get your textbook(s) and/or needed materials. Check out mohawk.bookware3000.ca Click "Book shop/Buy Books" then click on the black Textbook Search On The Internet button. Make sure to choose DISTED- Dist. Education On-line Store as the campus.

Home Inspection Books

Click the link for additional info on how to obtain Home Inspection Books.

Video Tutorial:

This short video will take you step-by-step through the login process. Additionally towards the video, a narrow your search of "Getting Began Questions and solutions" can also be available.

Now you are prepared to start. To gain access to your course:

  1. Click the Login button
  2. Username: 2 digit college code (mo for Mohawk College) + (-) dash + first 3 letters of the name + surname
Part #1 Part Two Part Three Part Number 4
mo dash (-) The very first 3 figures of the name The very first 9 letters of the surname

You're permitted no more than 15 figures for the whole User ID, such as the mo-

Example: Jane Smith's login could be:

User ID: Jane Cruz
Username: mo-jansmith
Password: newone (all lower situation)

Note: please improve your password once you sign in the very first time.

Passwords should have:

  • all lowercase figures
  • no spaces
  • no periods
  • no hyphens or dashes, except following the 2 digit college code

Tech Support Team

  • Technical There's help available 24 hrs each day, seven days a week

Important Notes:

  • Your bank account won't be active before the start date from the course
  • Your OntarioLearn username is Totally different from your MOCOmotion username
  • To withdraw with no refund later within the term, students should do so ten days prior to the finish date from the course.
  • Your Mohawk University Student ID number may be the 9 digit identification number situated in your registration receipt. It'll stay for every courses at Mohawk College, and it is important when booking exams and signing up for brand new courses. YOUR STUDENT ID Isn't YOUR ONTARIOLEARN PASSWORD.
  • Mohawk College reserves the authority to limit, cancel, adjust or relocate classes/courses without warning, if required. A complete refund is going to be released for courses cancelled through the College.
  • Students ought to keep copies of the course outlines from completed classes for their very own records


Refund demands should be received within 6 times of the released start date from the course. A $20 administrative fee is non-refundable.
Source: www.mohawkcollege.ca
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